A. John Merola, M.D.

of Excellence

St. Joseph's Health is already Central New York's undisputed leader in providing primary, secondary and tertiary cardiovascular (CV) services to area residents, offering the entire spectrum of CV services, including emerging and investigational procedures, as well as specialized surgeries. Building on our nationally ranked and award-winning Cardiovascular Program, St. Joseph's Health will develop a Cardiovascular Center of Excellence, newly named the Merola Center for Cardiac Care, with co-located and fully integrated CV services. Find out how your contribution will bring excellence in CV care to your community.

Bringing Comprehensive
Cardiac Care to Central New York


A Multidisciplinary Interventional OR Suite

4 Cath Labs

A Hybrid Room for maximal efficiency

2 EP Labs

Stress/Echo Labs

Invasive Cardiology

Interventional Radiology (IR)

Electrophysiology (EP)

Non-Invasive Cardiology

Pre/Post Procedure Areas

Co-located cross-training for the Cath lab, EP and IR technicians and nursing staff

Comfortable Waiting Room for Families and Patients

State-of-the-Art Offices

Centralized Storage for improved access

Standardized inventory and supply tracking for all cardiovascular care

Clinical engineering to perfect equipment use and maintenance


A Special Thanks to Dr. John Merola

We want to extend our gratitude to Dr. John Merola, the namesake of the A. John Merola Cardiovascular Center of Excellence. As an exemplary physician and innovative leader, his affiliation with St. Joseph’s Health over the past 50 years has made an incomparable impact on healthcare in the region.
Dr. Merola has contributed to the well-being of his community through countless initiatives, and now, he is enabling
St. Joseph’s Health to reach even greater heights through his naming contribution to our cutting-edge Cardiovascular Center of Excellence.

A. John Merola, M.D.

Born and raised in Syracuse and affiliated with St. Joseph’s Health since 1964, Dr. Merola’s influence is apparent in countless aspects of care in Central New York, including planting the seeds of St. Joseph’s Family Medicine Residency Program back in 1965—the first of its kind in Syracuse—as well as the St. Joseph’s Coronary Surgery Program, the roots of St. Joseph’s Health’s award-winning cardiac program.


Dr. Merola’s motivation for contributing to raising the bar is personal—his own father, also a physician, passed due to insufficient cardiac care, and Dr. Merola is determined to make access to the cutting-edge cardiac medicine available to everyone in Central New York.


“We’re getting less and less invasive,” Dr. Merola said, recalling that he’d recently been served at a diner by a woman who’d had heart surgery at St. Joseph’s Health only four days earlier. “There are a lot of amazing things at the forefront, and St. Joseph’s has always been the leader in New York State. You don’t see that kind of thing at a community hospital in a small city like Syracuse, but they’re leading, and that’s why I try to foster that.”


 “If there’s an emergency, the operating room is right there, right next door,” Dr. Merola explained, when asked what The Merola Center for Cardiac Care will bring to the table. “When minutes mean a life, it’s critical to get people from the ER to the operating rooms, to the CATH labs, to electrophysiology.”




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